What started as a studio project by Harry Darling (also from BITCH QUEENS) and Isabella Eder (also from DELILAHS) has, as the release of their first album approaches, grown into a full-throated and blistering live band. Ötz Lanninger’s gravelly bass and backing vocals lock with Sämi Büttiker’s hammering, dance-worthy drums to join Harry (Git/Vox) and Isabella (Git/Backing Vox) in forming X-DARLINGS, a band now based in Zug and Basel, Switzerland.

Their debut LP, Dead Toy Capital of The World — appearing November 2nd, 2018 on Swiss label Lux Noise — is a 9-track collection of pumping rhythms, blasting guitars and apocalyptic thoughts, produced from start to finish in Harry Darling’s own Lipstick Studios (no outsourcing or daylight needed!), a stone’s throw away from Basel’s largest slaughterhouse.

It’s no surprise that this heavy and single-handed DIY attitude in the studio created a healthy end-of-the-world vibe that wafts through the songs, noticeable even in the scattered, more positive (well, almost) moments of the record. Like the soundtrack to a Cyberpunk B-Movie, Dead Toy Capital of The World is timeless and trashy yet clever and crudely charming.
X-DARLINGS are ready to bring the apocalypse to the stage!