The Brokendolls

The BrokendollsThe Brokendolls

THE BROKENDOLLS are a heavy punk rock band from northern Italy. Formed in 2007, the guys were heavily influenced by Nashville Pussy, AC/DC, Motörhead, early Backyard Babies and skateboarding. 

Their debut album “NO ICE IN MY DRINK” was realeased the following year and the band has constantly toured italy since, with some additional dates in Germany and France. 

Since then they have released anther two LPs (Twofiftnine and Wolves Among Sheep) and one EP (Carillon Infernale) 

While their commitment to RNR remains the same, their sound has constantly evolved throughout the years and their new album “SNAKECHARMER” is a blend of punk attitude and heavy riffs! 

The album is due to be released in Spring 2022 by Luxnoise and Tornado Ride Records.